Scottsboro Boys Museum and Cultural Center

This is an image of the Scottsboro Boys in jail, awaiting trial, with their attorney.The Summersell Center participates in and supports the ongoing development of the Scottsboro Boys Museum and Cultural Center. Established by the Scottsboro/Jackson Multi-Cultural Heritage Foundation and opened in 2010, the museum commemorates the lives and legacy of nine young African Americans who, in the 1930s, became international symbols of race-based injustice in the American South, and celebrates the positive actions of those of all colors, creeds and origins who have taken a stand against the tyranny of racial oppression. Working in partnership with the Multi-Cultural Heritage Foundation, a consortium of higher-education institutions throughout the state of Alabama, the Jackson County Legislative Delegation, and the Jackson county Chamber of Commerce, the Summersell Center contributes resources and scholarly expertise toward the advancement of the museum’s research and educational goals. For more about the museum, please visit the Scottsboro Boys Museum and Cultural Center website.

Frances S. Summersell Publications in the History of the American South

This is an image of the original rotunda on the University of Alabama Campus. In cooperation with the University of Alabama Press, the Summersell Center will periodically aid in the production and publication of select titles in southern history and culture. The first title in the series, The Yellowhammer War: The Civil War and Reconstruction in Alabama, edited by Kenneth W. Noe, was published in January 2014.