Vivian Malone Fellow

Vivian Malone Jones at her UA commencement.

Named in honor of the first Black graduate of UA, the Vivian Malone Fellow receives a one or two semester long fellowship, granting them the opportunity to work closely on community history projects, imagine new ones, and co-teach with the Director.  Past Fellows have co-taught courses on queer history, civil rights, and lynching history, developed high school courses, curated public exhibits, presented at national conferences, and built digital platforms.

Current Vivian Malone Fellow:

  • Isabella Garrison (Spring 2024)

Upcoming Vivian Malone Fellows:

  • Gavin Jones (fall 2024)
  • Kendall Comish (spring 2025)

Past fellows:

  • Isabella Garrison (fall 2021, 2022, 2023)
  • Margaret Lawson (spring 2022)
  • Jana Venable (spring 2023)