PHI Intern Chandler Padgett Works with Gorgas House WWI Exhibit

By Chandler Padgett

This image shows a WW I era gas mask that is on display at the Gorgas House.
William C. Gorgas’s WWI-Era Gas Mask

For my internship, I am primarily working on the WWI exhibit, while also giving tours. For the exhibit, I am working on one of three sections: the part focusing on William C. Gorgas. This project has involved a number of things. First, I have done an extensive amount of research on Gorgas’s life and his impact on the world around him. Second, I’ve translated that research into information for visitors through text and other interpretive tools. Perhaps one of the most engaging aspects creatively is having to come up with unique and interesting ways to interact with the audience. Third, I have searched for and obtained artifacts for use in the exhibit. Finally, I am helping with the logo and design of the exhibit overall.

I decided to do this internship mainly because I was already volunteering at the Gorgas House for multiple hours a week and had started on the WWI exhibit. I figured it would be nice to get class credit since I would be doing the same thing anyway. I originally started working at the museum to get experience, and the opportunity to work on the WWI exhibit just arose. Thinking that it would be a great learning opportunity, I jumped at the chance to work on the project. This semester, I would like to complete the exhibit in a satisfactory way; I want to feel proud of the product I produced. After the exhibit is finished, I would like to help with other facets of the museum. My work will further the mission of the Gorgas House because it “preserves and interprets the Gorgas family legacy,” specifically William Gorgas.