Short-Term Research Fellowships


**Short-Term Research Fellowships on Hold for 2021-22

This image is a Cartes de Visite showing the 1865 Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team. It's not held in the Williams collection, but since all of their images had watermarks, this is what we had to use.

To support the study of southern history and promote the use of the manuscript collections housed at the University of Alabama, the Frances S. Summersell Center for the Study of the South and the University of Alabama Libraries will offer a total of eight research fellowships in the amount of $500 each for the 2021-2022 academic year.  Eligible researchers will have projects that entail work to be conducted in southern history or southern studies at the W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library, the A.S. Williams III Americana Collection, or any other University of Alabama collections. General information about the Summersell Center is available at the center’s website.

The deadline for applications is April 1, 2021 (on hold at the present time). Decisions regarding the awards will be made no later than May 1, 2021, and research may be conducted anytime between June 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022. Both academic and non-academic researchers at any stage of their careers are encouraged to apply. Because fellowships are designed primarily to help defray travel and lodging expenses, however, eligibility is restricted to researchers living outside the Tuscaloosa area.

Completed applications will consist of electronic copies of the following materials:

  • A current CV
  • One letter of recommendation
  • A description of the research project, no longer than one single-spaced page which includes a description of the particular resources to be used during the term of the fellowship

All application materials and questions about the fellowship should be directed to:

Prof. John M. Giggie, Director
Frances S. Summersell Center for the Study of the South
Department of History
The University of Alabama
Box 870212
202 ten Hoor Hall
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
Email:  Tel: 205-348-1859

2018-2019 Fellowship Recipients

Author Project Title
Gardner, Sarah “A New Glass to See All Our Old Things Through”: Reading During the American Civil War.
Hilliard, Kathleen Bonds Burst Asunder: The Revolutionary Politics of Getting By in Civil War and Emancipation, 1860-1867.

2017-2018 Fellowship Recipients

Author Project Title
Butler, Clayton “‘Homemade Yankees’: White Unionists in the Deep South during the Civil War.”
Carson, Adam “Changing the Heart of Dixie: Political Realignment in the Mid-South at Mid-Century.”
Charlety, Elsa “‘Sister Outsider’ – ‘Outsider Within’: Slave Women, Resistance and the Domestic Space in the Antebellum Plantation Household.”
Powers, Michael “The Commercial Union of the Three Americans: Major Edward A. Burke and Transnational New South Visionaries, 1870-1928.”
Stanonis, Anthony “Emancipated Spirits: Race, Voodoo, and Music in American Popular Culture.”